Public Health Department

Santé Medical College (SMC), a private higher education institute, is accredited by Higher Education Quality and Relevance Agency, (HERQA) and is listed in the World Director of Medical School (WDOMS). SMC, Under Public Health Department, is offering undergraduate program in public health officer and Post Graduate Program in general public health, MPH in public health nutrition and MPH in reproductive health (RH).

The college aspires to be among the leading center of excellence in the country and region it mainly focuses on basic knowledge, practical skills, community based teaching & training and research as well as quality and life skill oriented teaching and learning.

Core competencies of postgraduate programs

Modular based masters of public health program are an approach to instruction and assessment that place primary emphasis on identifying and measuring specific learning outcomes, or competencies. A “competency” is a specific, measurable entity (knowledge, skill and behavior) that the student should exhibit by graduation.  The main competencies expected from graduates of the MPH program are: 

  • Public health professional values, attitudes, behavior and ethics
  • Scientific foundation and evidence-based practice of public health services and teaching
  • Communication skills of the professional on public health issues
  • Skills on data analysis and interpretation
  • Knowledge of population health and health systems
  • Management of community health and health related information
  • Critical thinking, research and documentation and practice-based improvement of health services

At the end of the graduation, the graduates of MPH in RH are expected to perform the following tasks effectively and efficiently:

  • Describe the size and nature of health and related problems of a community, and the capacity to describe and elucidate the natural history of these problems in individuals and communities;
  • Identify causes of health and related PROBLEMS and assess the relative and absolute importance of these problems;
  • Design and implement appropriate public health programs and projects for addressing the identified and prioritized health problems and to evaluate the effectiveness of both new and existing interventions by applying proper analysis of their social, cultural and political context
  • Carry out researches on reproductive health issues and organizing workshops for information dissemination;
  • Identify the major socio-economic and demographic factors effecting sexual and RH care practice, design intervention strategies, implement, evaluate RH activities at all levels;
  • Work with other organizations on intra and inter-sectoral base in carrying out reproductive Health activities;
  • Integrate reproductive health activities in to existing health service program;
  • Address gender issues including male involvement in all areas of sexual and reproductive health;
  • Promotes community involvement and participation, mobilizes resources for support of reproductive health activities;
  • Contribute significantly to the human resource capacity building related to reproductive health;
  • Demonstrate professional ethics and discipline as Reproductive health professionals;
  • Demonstrate commitment to the promotion of Reproductive health profession;
  • Play proactive role in address cross-cutting issues like Gender, HIV/AIDS, environment and population development to facilitate national development;

Public health nutritionists can be employed to identify nutrition problems affecting the community, provide leadership in implementing community level nutrition programmes, planning, implementation, monitoring and evaluation. They can also be engaged in community nutrition research and technical support.

Graduates acquire knowledge and skill to work as:

  • Public health nutrition specialist
  • A researcher who investigate the causes for food shortage and nutritional deficiencies as well as multi-sectoral nature of nutritional problems
  • Counselor who improve dietary practices for better health outcomes in community
  • Public Health Nutrition specialist who can formulate tailored strategies and research projects on community nutrition
  • A policy advisor addressing nutritional problems of the country in line with national nutritional program
  • Work on community based strategies to increase awareness on nutritional deficiencies and nutrition-related diseases.
  • Nutrition program leader and coordinator

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