Sante Medical College Department of Medical laboratory Science

The medical laboratory Science Department of Sante Medical College is established with the aim of producing high caliber students in terms of knowledge and skills of laboratory medicine. Sante believes and tries to achieve that the graduates will be equipped with latest, up-to-date and modern laboratory sciences in the global health services. The teaching learning processes is conducted by professionals who have long time experiences in the respective field of laboratory education. Proficient and skilled instructors provide both the theory and the practical session using up-to-date sciences and latest automated technology.   

The laboratory program planned to produce competent, internationally recognized medical laboratory scientists. Students, during their four years stay at the college, will learn different laboratory subjects. These mainly include Hematology Parasitology, Microbiology, Clinical Chemistry, immunology, Immunohematology, etc. as basic professional courses in addition to the various general and supportive topics.  

Graduates of Sante Medical Laboratory department will be capable of performing routine and advanced laboratory tests using different methods both classical and up-to-date techniques keeping the quality, accuracy and reliability of test results to the maximum possible levels. The techniques and principles include chemical, biological, hematology/immunohematological, microscopic and molecular tests. Students at the end of their course completion will achieve versatile capacity and ability, in addition to the main professional courses. They will have capabilities in;

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